Who are we?

The International Academy of Advanced Classical Homeopathy (AIHCA) arises from the need of conveying and sharing state-of-the-art Homeopathy.

We are an educational institution formed by an interdisciplinary group of homeopaths, doctors and healthcare professionals with a common goal: training high-level homeopaths that meet society’s current needs.

AIHCA was founded in 2019 by Doctor and Homeopath Jorge Carlos Barbosa and is located in Guadalajara, Mexico.


At AIHCA, we convey the homeopathic knowledge with a deep human sense and a profound scientific support. Our work results from fusing three basic and key elements: Art, Science and Spirit.

Our goal is to provide our students with enough tools to set their knowledge on compared Materia Medica and appropriately analyze each clinical case to reach the correct prescription.


Academy Founder and Keynote speaker

Jorge Carlos Barbosa, MD


Jorge Carlos Barbosa is a Mexican physician who practices Classical Homeopathy in Guadalajara, Mexico. With more than 25 years of experience, he has published 3 books and is a pioneer in the development of homeopathic remedies with intrinsic action in Neurology and Endocrinology.

He studied at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, in Alonissos, Greece, directed by George Vithoulkas for 11 consecutive years, and was a professor there for 2 years.

He wants to increase interest in learning authentic Classical Homeopathy through evidence-based medicine. His goal is to train homeopaths with a broad vision and deep knowledge, capable of resolving complex situations and prescribing effectively.

He has made it his mission to transmit a legacy of knowledge without borders that goes beyond Homeopathy itself, and that contributes with new clinical approaches by including Art, Science and Spirit.


-Jorge Carlos Barbosa, MD is a Medical Surgeon and Homeopath graduated at Guadalajara´s Autonomous University. 

-He studied Human Fertility and Birth Control at Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana, in the United States.

-He holds a Specialization in Homeopathic Medicine from Institución
Homeopatía de Guadalajara A.C.

-Jorge Carlos studied at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, in Alonissos, Greece, run by George Vithoulkas for 11 consecutive years.

-He moderated the Spanish E-learning program for 5 years and was the translator for the E-learning program into Spanish. He translated Professor George Vithoulkas’ book “Levels of Health” into Spanish.

-He is the Keynote speaker from the International Academy of Advanced Classical Homeopathy (AIHCA) since 2019, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

-Jorge Carlos is a published author of: “Anatomy of observed healing through homeopathy”, “Neuro-Reconnection pathogenesis”, and “Bufo Alvarius and Kambo pathogenesis”. .

-He has created +20 new homeopathic remedies.

My journey in Homeopathy

I first started in the Homeopathy field by mere curiosity and, if I have to be honest, I had the clear intention to “tear it up”. At that time, I didn’t believe what Homeopathy could do to cure acute and chronic conditions but I did had one certainty: if it worked, I would promote that art and would share it with my whole being. That was the starting point of a long journey whose end was unknown to me.

Thus, I invested everything I had into it. To my surprise, I could not find an edge, one angle or crack where I could access to see the untruth. It didn’t take me long to understand that the homeopathic science has its bases on an extraordinary solid doctrine.

Since my studies came from different schools, I realized they were presenting —and still do— a dichotomy between the theory and the practice. None of the professors were presenting clinic cases with their respective follow-up. Mainly, perhaps, because they didn’t know how to do it.

Up to now, the homeopathic model is still taught through the different stablished theories from the authors, mostly resulting in a lack of scientific support. Hence, many homeopathy students and homeopaths don’t get to know its reach and patients don’t get cured as expected, discrediting this noble therapeutic system.

It was during this restless search that my frustration found its way to bring up light, George Vithoulkas. I ended up studying Classical Homeopathy for 11 consecutive years in Alonissos, Greece. That changed my life, fortified my calling and purpose. Until today, I am grateful to my teachers for the huge opportunity to learn in an authentic and truthful way, through live clinic case

 I can testify that it is the only safe, efficient and verified form of first-class learning with case attention and correct prescription with the like.

Over the years a concern arose, because Samuel Hahnemann had conceived Homeopathy as a science from its origin. With the Organon evolving up to its 6th edition, Hahnemann understood that such conception was not enough, that it also needed to involve art. Because this discipline is a sophisticated expression of the homeopath’s skills, and when put into practice they make of the clinic interview a full delight both for the patient and the prescriber, making homeopathy students savor the sample. I wish you could’ve seen what I saw. It would have been wonderful for you to be part of the various healing scenarios I attended in the oracle of truth we now call clinic.


The Art-Science concept, as deep and wide it is, lacks
of the most fundamental aspect: Spirit. That is the binding component that
inspires, vitalizes and gives the attributes of innate knowledge. Art that
permeates gracefully and creatively, directing the mind towards the essence of
the heart; pure expression of honesty, transparency and kindness.

Therefore, for homeopaths to flourish and have observable and measurable results with an evidence-based medicine, they need those three elements that organically express themselves as indivisible because one is part of each other’s foundation: Art-Science-Spirit.

An example is worth a thousand words. A doctor can perform a perfect c-section with a great scientific knowledge from the surgical side but, in many occasions, the event took place by deceiving the patient who didn’t need the c-section in the first place, exposing the patient and baby to unpredictable risks and willfully harming both patients.  Conclusion: Art, Science and Dishonest.

Due to the current teaching methodology, even Homeopathy is far from live clinic case demonstrations. Other fields not pertaining to Classical Homeopathy can easily fall into tricks and gimmicks that, unintentionally, affect directly the patient and Homeopathy as a therapeutic system, giving the later a status of second or third class model.

Curing a disease, either chronic or acute, is a high-order event and it is based in laws and principles that while being conducted by Art-Science-Spirit give a greatly healing result.

That being said, AIHCA’s mission is conveying the homeopathic learning with a deeply human and scientific sense and its respective evidence, as an organic result of integrating Art-Science-Spirit.

We are contributing with our legacy to Homeopathy and general medicine, the result of years of research: 101k potency, 3 pathogenesis and 19 research homeopathic remedies, both in Neurology and Endocrinology.

With knowledge and the correct use of homeopathic remedies, our Homeopathy practitioners will certainly repeat Samuel Hahnemann’s words: “I have not lived  in vain.”

- Jorge Carlos Barbosa, MD, Director at AIHCA