Module 2: Advanced Neuroendocrinology

Last Updated : March 28, 2023
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About Course

Is neurogenesis real or fiction? Is it possible to stop early puberty with homeopathic leuprorelin?

During the seminar you will get to know the pathogenesis of new homeopathic remedies: Neuro-Reconnection, Bufo Alvarius and Kambo. These remedies have had an unprecedented effect on countless patients. The first two have a neurologic tropism capable of neuron production, while the third has a deep detox action.

We review, through live clinical cases, the action of homeopathic hormones developed by Jorge Carlos Barbosa, MD: erythropoietin, leuprorelin and insulin.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn the action of in-depth observation through live clinical cases that burst the limits of current science and prove the Law of Similars in a measurable way. Discover the art of interrogation and analyze the symptoms by hierarchy to give an accurate prescription.
  • Get familiar with the new remedies and their efficacy within the body. Learn to use them correctly in affections such as diabetes, autism, anemia, early puberty, neurologic disorders, cerebral palsy, and others.

Course Content

Module 2: Advanced Neuroendocrinology

  • AIHCA – Pathogenesis: Neuro-Reconnection
  • AIHCA – Pathogenesis: Bufo Alvarius
  • AIHCA – Clinical case: Autism
  • AIHCA – Clinical case: Bufo Alvarius
  • AIHCA – Pathogenesis: Kambo
  • AIHCA – Erythropoietin remedy presentation and Clinical case
  • AIHCA – Insulin homeopathic remedy and Clinical case
  • AIHCA – Pediatric clinical case: Insulin
  • AIHCA – Leuprorelin remedy and clinical case
  • AIHCA: Art – Science – Spirit conference and new remedies to the 101k Potency

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