Find out how far homeopathy can go with our new 101k potency (AIHCA's new homeopathic remedies)
Verify the healing power of homeopathy with live clinical cases
Discover the art of interrogating the patient to obtain the correct prescription

Our Vision

The most important thing for the patient and the prescriber is the result,
therefore, at AIHCA we present the most comprehensive and refined
homeopathic education system: Live clinical cases. This teaching method,
mastered by few, allows our students to learn in a didactic, pedagogical
and reproducible way, through healing verification.

From an experiential and emotional perspective, our students verify and
correctly assess the evolution of the patient. In addition, they have the
opportunity to review comparative Materia Medica, analysis of the case,
prescription and potency. This way, knowledge is solidified while developing
their own learning skills of Homeopathy, resulting in an effective clinical


Why study with us?

Monthly seminars

We offer online education + face-to-face modality in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Have access to the most advanced Materia Medica

Find out about our 101k homeopathic remedies and their efficacy in the body + learn its correct use in complex conditions.

Interact with expert teachers

Our live teaching mode allows you to ask questions and make comments during seminars.

Get lifetime access to our seminars

As an AIHCA student, you have access from the first module to the most recent one. You can complete the courses at your convenience.

Immerse yourself in homeopathy

Watch live cases and get the experience to make accurate diagnosis and prescriptions

Specialized methodology

At AIHCA we carefully select every clinical case presented at the seminars to guarantee top-notch learning experiences for our students.

What we have prepared for you

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Clinical case: Autism

Clinical case: Sjögren’s syndrome

Conference: Potency 101k

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