Polychrests 101k

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It comes with 25 key remedies for the homeopathic cabinet, such as Phosphorus, Arnica Montana, Belladona y Calcarea Carb to the 101k Potency.



Our homeopathic remedies are an efficient and safe way to help the organism restore its health and improve patient’s life quality. The basis for our medications is substances carefully selected from nature and subject to a strict quality control before going into manufacturing.

This box comes with 25 remedies, ideal for homeopaths aiming to treat diseases through a unique potency capable of covering the wide spectrum of the high potencies, while also adapting in a flexible manner according to the patient’s state. 

During the seminars presented at AIHCA, the homeopath will have live clinical cases to identify the key symptoms of each medication and use them appropriately. 

Packaging: 30 ml dilution in amber glass flask.

Route of administration: Dissolute on water or directly in the mouth.  Consult your homeopath. 

Homeopathic medications do not develop addiction nor oppose to other treatments. 

1 Aconitum Napellus

2 Arnica Montana

3 Arsenicum Album

4 Belladonna

5 Bryonia Alba

6 Calcarea Carbonica

7 Carbo Vegetabilis

8 Causticum

9 Chamomilla

10 China Officinalis

11 Dulcamara

12 Hepar Sulphur

13 Hyosciamus Niger

14 Ipecacuanha

15 Lachesis

16 Lycopodium Clavatum

17 Mercurius Solubilis

18 Nux Vomica

19 Phosphorus

20 Pulsatilla

21 Rhus Toxicodendron

22 Sepia Officinalis

23 Silicea

24 Sulphur

25 Veratrum Album

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