Module 3: Autoimmune diseases

Last Updated : March 28, 2023
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About Course

What is the scope of homeopathy? Why are autoimmune diseases more frequent in women? Is it possible to heal or get an involution from an autoimmune disease?

We will review all this questions during the seminar while seeing the different stories of diverse patients with autoimmune diseases who, by nature, are in a low level of health.

This module goes into the essence of mental keynotes by doing a systematic analysis to get a differential and truthful diagnosis of the psychological and emotional profile. It also works with an in-depth use of compared Materia Medica to recognize the most important and significative symptoms that will lead us to the similar remedy.

What Will You Learn?

  • Learn to delicately unveil the individual needs of the patient by asking the correct questions in the correct time.
  • Go deeper into the assessment of physiological states to read body expressions showing real or apparent internal states of the patient.

Course Content

Module 3: Autoimmune diseases

  • AIHCA – Levels of healths (Part 2)
  • AIHCA – Clinical case: Sjögren syndrome
  • AIHCA – Second clinical case: Sjögren syndrome
  • AIHCA – Clinical case: Chronic kidney failure
  • AIHCA – Clinical case: Mixed collagen disease
  • AIHCA – Pediatric clinical case: Asthmatic bronchitis
  • AIHCA – Conference: Observations of remedy reactions
  • AIHCA – Clinical case: Systemic Lupus erythematosus
  • AIHCA – Clinical case: Multiple Sclerosis
  • AIHCA – Conference: Importancy of live clinical cases

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